About Us


Ochre (oh:kuh) - Slow | Small Batch | Studio-To-Street Activewear that loves you back


Ochre is a warm, yellow-toned pigment found in the Earth, adding a touch of earthiness to our brand. Born out of love for the environment, a purpose and a clear conscience, we aim at achieving our sustainability goals and doing our bit towards giving back to the Earth


Born out of a conversation to create the best pair of tights and built with utmost care, thought and passion for movement by two athletes, Ochre aims at revolutionizing Activewear in India.
Combining bold and minimal styles with hints of earthiness in thoughtfully sourced quality fabrics, our fits will help in effortlessly transforming your look from your Gym Studio to the Streets.





As women in fitness, we had always struggled to find aspirational, yet sexy styles that we would love to flaunt during our workouts. Apart from finding solutions to the most common problems faced with tights, namely, see-through fabrics, lack of support and compression, inconsistent sizing, we have also been able to create styles that uplift your mood, keep you comfortable, elevate your performance and make you fall in love with yourself while you train. From the classic black to colourful prints, you'd want to wear these beyond your workout.



Wanting women to take the front seat and feel more empowered, we. Aim at inculcating a sense of community amongst people who want to feel strength and confidence in their skin. As an all female team, we want to make individuals feel the presence of a strong, powerful community that is there to back them up, always.


Transparency / Honesty

Handmade and Curated in Small-Batches at PepperCraft Studio(New Delhi), we believe in complete transparency with regards to our fabrics and efforts being put by our creators in bringing our fits to life. As cheerleaders and firm believers of Slow-Fashion, we constantly endeavour to keep our capsule sizes minimal to encourage reduced consumption, mindful and conscious purchases. Made with diligence and high quality standards, we ensure durability alongside style.


Kind To The Earth

With an aim to be as sustainable as possible, we vow to create our products mindfully. We reduce our waste by producing in small batches, choosing ethical fabrics and eliminating plastic waste in packaging and sampling. We are not perfect therefore we continue to strive to be better. For every order, we donate INR 5 to Kuddle Life Foundation - an NGO that works towards preserving the marine ecosystem. Prices on our website also include INR 5 that goes towards the same cause.



 We get you - Indian Women. Indian Bodies. Indian Sizing - the dearth of homegrown, activewear brands with consistent sizing across styles, lack of quality fabric and poor fits are some problems we're trying to solve. What we promise:

One Size, all across - pick any style of tights/bra

Handpicked Fabric that's soft, stretchy, supportive and literally hugs you back
Squat-proof, Sweat-Wicking Styles that fit like a dream (no, we're not exaggerating)
Camel Toe no more! We heard you.
Squat-proof tights - See-through tights with no matter what underwear you wear, high-waist bands that keeps rolling down have troubled us since forever. Our tights fix ALL of these! 
Wanna go from Gym to Gin in no time? We have you covered! - Studio-To-Street Fits that can be easily styled with your daily wardrobe, our capsule pieces also come with a capability of being styled effortlessly amongst each other. Throw a blazer on top of your cute new Ochre bra for a party or try wearing any of Ochre Tops with any of your Ochre Bottoms - you.just.cannot.go.wrong! 



  • Aditi Kakkar

    Instagram -  @a_deity_

    A born athlete - Aditi was put into sports at a very young age. From being a black belt holder in Karate to being a national track and swimming athlete to being one of the fittest women in India in crossfit, you name it, she has done it all. In all her years of experience, she felt that women were underrepresented in sports. They were hardly encouraged to continue sport after a certain (read: marriageable) age. Keeping this in mind, she wanted to create something for women in sport and fitness that makes the community stronger.

    Ochre is an expression. She has always found beauty in strength, and she wants each woman to know this and own her strength.

    “I have always found myself buying new training clothes every few months simply because no brand could live upto my training demands! Because of this, I have always found clothes to be wasteful so I wanted to make the change to create clothes that love the earth too. I literally took matters into my own hands (haha).”

    With her background in product design and sport, she found a passion to create beautiful yet conscious fitness apparel that are good for you and the environment. Ochre is set to ignite a fire within you to lift, move, dance and work.

  • Radhika Shanker

    Instagram - @radhika_shanker

    Love for football as a sport and passion for lifting that started with Crossfit, Radhika is someone who's always believed that Movement is medicine. An active individual all throughout, a cheerleader of women who love to move and a firm believer in the importance and benefits of strength training for women, she's always disliked how dark and uninspiring activewear for women in India had been.

    "I could find no pair of tights in ANY of the 105638 brands that I had tried, that would fit my waist and thighs at the same time, I'd be a Small in some styles for the same brand and a Medium in some."

    While she set herself on a journey to full-time build Ochre, she vowed to create something beautiful out of it while solving for all the problems that exist - something sexy, stylist and worth flaunting - watch how all heads at the gym turn towards you and watch how all ladies would wanna know where that bra is from, be a #WomanOfOchre