Ochre - an earthy, clay-layered pigment in hues varying from yellow to brown to red.

"As humans we are born of the Earth, nourished by the Earth, healed by the Earth." -Thomas Berry

Our story began with our love for the earth. Ochre is a slow fashion brand that believes in giving back to the environment. So why did we create another clothing brand? Simply because someone had to do better! We assure you that our clothes will last you a long time and won't end up in a landfill after 3 months. 



We donate Rs. 5 for every order placed on our website to Kuddle Life Foundation as our support.


Kuddle Life Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable, non-governmental organisation based in Pondicherry working towards finding solutions for sustainable coastal community development.

Their mission is to narrow the gap between coastal communities and urban dwellers by adopting methods of awareness & educational programs as well as citizen science, coastal conservation and marine conservation projects. 

All our product prices include INR 5 donation. If you wish to donate more and know who they are and what they do, you can visit their website


We believe that loved clothes last long.

Some things we do to minimise our impact:

1. Reduce plastic in our sampling process

2. Source quality fibres that are meant to last

3. Produce in small batches

4. Reuse, reduce, recycle our wastes (fabric, paper, plastic) wherever we can

5. Thoughtfully minimise packaging items for our customers

6. Use compostable mailers

7. Donate Rs. 5 for every order to Kuddle Life Foundation.

We are not perfect. Therefore, we strive to be better one capsule at a time. Our sustainability goals are:

1. Be a plastic positive brand

2. Source GRS certified recycled polyesters and recycled nylons wherever possible

3. OEKO-Tex certified dying

4. Educate our community about the impact of fashion and fibres. Develop products that aid our community in reducing their footprint.

5. An Upcycling/Recycling programme for our community to take back old clothing and create something new out of it.



At Ochre, we've gotten on the journey of driving well-being across communities. We want to focus on making systemic and impactful changes to make our voices get heard loud and clear and help trigger change in behaviour.

We strive to create diverse representation among our team. We're an All-Women workforce currently and we would love to use our brand as a voice to advocate for change.